Saturday, September 8, 2018 – 9am-6pm

Independent Makers • Indie Vintage Sellers • Food Trucks • Beer Garden
Music • Interactive Demos and Live Art

We’re baaaaaaack! Hows Everybody been? We MISSED YOU!

When we decided to take 2017 off, we honestly weren’t sure what the future would hold for Cyclops Fest. We’ve spent the last year reflecting on how all this started and how much we’ve grown over the last 8 years. Through all of that, we now have a clear and refined vision for where we want to take Cyclops Fest in the future.

Opening Urban Handmade in Downtown Yellow Springs in 2009, DJ Galvin realized there was a need to be filled. A need to connect and educate the community about the handmade culture and the makers who create and move that culture forward. Urban Handmade has always lived by its rallying call— “The Revolution Will Not Be Mass Produced.” In 2010, in the spirit of this ethos, the inspiration for Cyclops Fest was born; to better connect independent makers and handmade culture directly with the community at large.

In the years since that first Cyclops there is no disputing it, something of a revolution has been taking place. What was once independent makers shaping their passions and inspirations into goods for a small community of patrons has now become an entire culture. The depth and breadth of which is no longer limited to accessories and apparel. It includes food and drink, bath & body, furniture, recreation and leisure. Independent makers and handmade culture is now an integral part of our daily lives.

It’s difficult to put into words all that this culture encompasses, but in its most simple and pure form, it’s about passion and inspiration. These are the driving forces behind Cyclops Fest, and they are both the reason we hit pause for a year to re-focus and most certainly the reason we are back. We’ve realized that if anything came out of our hiatus, it was that both our passion for the culture and our inspiration to connect the entire community with it, is stronger than ever!

This year’s Cyclops Fest will be our best ever! We will showcase more artists and makers than ever before and there will be more to see, hear, taste and experience than ever before. We’re back, and we’re bringing all our one-eyed, creative monsters with us!

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