2014 Cyclops Fest Field Guide

HOT OFF THE PRESSES! The 2014 Cyclops Fest Field Guide is here! As always, you can find the Field Guide at all the raddest establishments across the entire Miami Valley along with, Cincinnati and Columbus. However, to make it even easier, you can a download a PDF of it right here for your laptop or mobile device. Also, if you’re so inclined, please share it with all your friends on Facebook, Twitter and whatever other social media site that keeps you from having real face-to-face conversations with actual human beings. You never know, maybe you’ll share it with someone and you guys can meet up at Cyclops Fest to rock out and become better friends in the real world.

2014 Cyclops Fest Field Guide

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Cyclops Fest Featured Vendor – KreativeMindz

A returning vendor from Cyclops Fest 2013 – KreativeMindz from Cincinnati, OH!

Handcrafted goods of all kinds. Home of the Goddess Wrap!

“Everything we create is made with love and passion. I do not believe in working while in a ‘bad mood’, as I believe our energy can be felt throughout our items. Everything is made with good intentions, positive vibes and love”.



Cyclops Featured Vendor – Backyard Living

Backyard Living is a new vendor to Cyclops Fest this year from Columbus, Ohio.

Backyard Living was born from Jeff Johnson’s lifelong love of building.  As a boy, Jeff learned his trade alongside his grandfathers. Inspired by his Grandpa Johnson’s love of birdhouses, Jeff began building his own unique birdhouses and other housewares. He uses reclaimed wood, including barnwood from the family farm in southern Ohio, giving his pieces a locally sourced, eco-friendly touch.  Jeff adorns many of the items with local antiques and found objects, making your purchase truly one-of-a kind.  The Johnson family is proud of their Ohio heritage and hopes to bring a little piece of Ohio into your heart and home.


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Cyclops Fest Featured Vendor – 240sweet

240sweet is a new vendor to Cyclops Fest this year! 

240sweet make hand crafted all natural marshmallows! Partners Alexa Lemley and Samantha Aulick hand-craft artisan treats in Columbus, Indiana. Originally, they made marshmallows to give to their catering customers. Soon, people begin clamoring for more puffs. 240sweet was born.


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Cyclops Fest 2014 Vendor – Kyleemae Designs

Cyclops Fest is only a few short weeks away! We have some amazing, handmade vendors attending Cyclops Fest 2014!

Kyleemae Designs won the Cyclops Fest 2013 “Best of Show” award last year and she’ll be at this years Cyclops Fest! Check out her line great line of jewelry at www.facebook.com/kyleemaedesigns and www.kyleemaedesigns.com.

Kyleemae Designs


Features Cyclops Fest 2013 Handmade Vendor- Matt Breunig

Today’s featured Cyclops Fest 2013 artist – Jewelry by Matt Breunig from
Kettering, OH.

Matt sells lost wax cast Sterling Silver jewelry as well as Upcycled Steampunk pieces. His Steampunk items are all genuine, no bulk purchased watch gears, and personally disassemble every watch. Every piece is handmade by Matt in his home shop.



Cyclops Fest 2013
September 14th – 10a-7p
John Bryan Center, Downtown Yellow Springs